October 6, 2016

Get inspired by the masters of wedding photography – part 3

You may be surprised by the impressive amount of inspiring work you will find from the photographers  listed here .

This is not the top 20 list , it’s only the list of the wedding photographers we consider you must study (story, style, photos, post-processing, website and marketing strategies)

have a wonderful navigation experience !

1. Juya Gentil

2. WhiteSmoke Studio

3. Emin Kuliyev

4. Sam Hurd

5. Melia Sorenson

6. Rafa Ibanez

7. Fer Juaristi

8. Ekaterina Mukhina

9. Raphael Fraga

10. Callaway Gable

11. Citlalli Rico

12. Vincius Matos

13. Caroline and Benjamin Godkin

14. Samo Rovan

15. Steven Young

16. Aperturia Weddings

17. Milos Horvat

18. Jeff Newsom

19. 6 of Four

20. Matt + Angie Sloan


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