October 6, 2016

Get inspired by the masters of wedding photography – part 5

You may be surprised by the impressive amount of inspiring work you will find from the photographers  listed here .

This is not the top 20 list , it’s only the list of the wedding photographers we consider you must study (story, style, photos, post-processing, website and marketing strategies)

have a wonderful navigation experience !

1. Yana Zharintsova

2. Jason Keefer

3. Joanna Siwiec

4. James Moes

5. Virginia Gimeno

6. Magdalena + Milosz Wozaczynski

7. Lanny + Erika Mann

8. Christophe Viseux

9. Tinydot

10. Claire Morgan

11. Christina Craft

12. Paco & Betty

13. Vanessa Hall

14. Kyle Hepp

15. Marcus Bell

16. Oscar Setiawan

17. Bartek Pluska

18. Aaron Willcox

19. Fernando Garcia

20. Jan Plachy



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