February 6, 2018

How to Use 3d Luts on Edius starting version 8.3

Note: only the *.cube Lut files will work on Grass Valley Edius starting with the version EDIUS 8.3


Unzip the presets you purchased from us and place them in a favorite location on your hard drive.


1. In the folder view of the [Effect] palette, click the [Effect] tree.

2. Click the [VideoFilters] tree, and click [Color Correction].

A list of [Color Correction] effects is displayed in the effect view.


3. Drag and drop [Primary Color Correction] to the clip (video part) on the timeline. 

Clips with the [Primary Color Correction] effect applied (video part) are displayed with an orange line.


4. Display the [Information] palette, and double-click [Primary Color Correction].


5.Click [LUT Settings] in [Color Space]


 6. Click [Register new LUT].

The selected LUT is added to [Registered LUT] in the [LUT Settings] dialog box.


That’s it



EXTRA INFO [Primary Color Correction] Dialog Box


(1) [Color Space]

      [Source] Select a color space to apply to the clip.

      [Destination] Select a color space to apply when exporting.

(2) [Exposure] Adjusts the brightness.

(3) [White Balance]

      [Temperature] Adjusts the color temperature.

      [Tint] Adjusts the tint.

(4) [Lift] Locks the highlight area and adjust the brightness of the shadow area.

(5) [Gamma] Adjusts the brightness of intermediate tone area.

(6) [Gain] Locks the shadow area and adjust the brightness of the highlight area.

(7) [Saturation] Adjusts the saturation.

(8) [Curve] Adjusts the hue and saturation using the tone curves.

      [Curve Detail] Moves the five points of [Curve] set by the luminosity level vertically and horizontally to adjust the brightness.

(9) [Set default parameters]

      Click [Set default parameters] on the right of each item to restore the default setting for the item.

      Click [Set default parameters] on the bottom of the dialog box to restore the default settings for all items.

(10) Preview setting. Aligns the video of a clip to which primary color correction is applied and the other clips to compare the colors.

(11) [Undo] Undoes an operation.

(12) [Redo] Redoes an undone operation.


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